Kim Blackaby

Kim Blackaby enjoys writing and preparing new material and will always work with a particular theme or scripture for an event, however, these are some suggested topics:

Retreats and Multi-talk events

  1. Unshakeable (3 or 4 Sessions)
    We live in times of unprecedented change and upheaval in many areas we once thought were certain. How do we stay steady and unshakeable when the ground is shifting underneath our feet? Are there any constants in a snapchat world? These messages explore the unshakeable truths, the unshakeable solutions, the unshakeable promises and the unshakeable future we can hold on to.
  2. Built For This (3 or 4 Sessions)
    Today’s generation is one of amazing self-expression. There are so many ways to be creative and produce something unique. According to scripture we were created for a purpose and to accomplish some “good things”. What were you “built for”? What has been entrusted to you and how do you make something out of what you’ve been given?
  3. Cutting Through the Clutter (4 sessions)
    We have an overwhelming amount of "stuff" to manage in our modern lives. How do we cut through the spiritual clutter, the relationship clutter, the activity clutter and the cultural clutter to live centered, purposeful, effective lives?
  4. Hearing God’s Voice (4 sessions)
    How does God speak to us today? How do we recognize His voice and respond? Are we in the place in our lives where we can hear Him?
  5. The Source (4 sessions)
    Exploring  Jesus’ encounters with women in the gospels. He is revealed as our source of satisfaction, healing, focus, significance and hope.
  6. Destination Heaven (4 sessions)
    As daughters of the King we have been given a new identity, a new inheritance, a new citizenship and a new destination. How do we live in light of this reality?
  7. What are you Waiting For? (4 sessions)
    What does it mean to wait on God? What lessons does He have for us in the waiting times? What are we ultimately waiting for?
  8. Draw Near (3-4 sessions)
    How do we draw near to God and experience the intimacy and reality of His presence in our lives? What does that look like?
  9. Put on Your Dancing Shoes (4 sessions)
    Our culture needs to know what it means to experience real joy, not entertainment, materialism, experiences or any of the myriad of things that masquerade as joy. How do we become women of joy in the ups and downs and transitions of life?
  10. Love: Making God Visible (4 sessions)
    An invisible God becomes visible when His people show real love. God's love flowing through His people displays the reality of His presence and power in their lives. How does that look in our families, our churches, our communities?

Individual Talks and Workshops

  1. A Shepherd that Follows After You
    Drawing principles from John 10 and the prophets, what does it mean to be a leader that follows God and is approved by God?
  2. A Woman Called to Lead
    What are the struggles and adjustments necessary to work out my calling as a woman gifted to lead?
  3. Balm for the Wounded and Rest for the Weary
    Are you feeling wounded and weary in your role as a leader? How do we respond to the inevitable bruises and weariness we experience so that we are not sidelined from God’s purposes and activity in our lives?
  4. The Art of the Difficult Conversation
    Leadership has been described as “a series of difficult of conversations”. Effective leadership requires choosing to engage in those conversations in order to resolve conflict in a healthy way and walk in obedience and with integrity before God. When is the difficult conversation necessary and what are the biblical principles and strategies involved?
  5. Engaging Millennials
    What are the issues and concerns of the twenty-somethings of today? Why are so many leaving the church? What can we do as churches to address their struggles and keep them meaningfully engaged?

Mother-Daughter Retreats

These retreats are designed for girls ages 9 -16 and their moms. Through four fun and interactive sessions of 20-30 minutes each we will look at issues common to girls of all ages.

  1. The Girl in the Mirror
    Who do you see when you look in the mirror? If we look in the wrong mirror we can receive a distorted image of who we really are. What or who is our true mirror and what image is reflected there? How do we accept and grow into who we were truly meant to be?
  2. Standing Strong
    Life can be tough at any age and enemies come in all shapes and sizes. How do we stand strong against the enemies of fear, insecurities, temptations and trouble and knock them down to size? Who is our champion that fights for us? Drawing from the life of David we will discuss what we need to have in our toolkit (the “five smooth stones” in our bag) to stand strong and victorious.

Women’s Ministry Workshop

Developing Women’s Ministry: The Task, the Team and the Tools